Become a STEAM Champion today!

Jumping Joeys is welcoming our friends to a new and exciting chapter! We are well on our way to moving back to Arlington in a 20,000 square foot space in Clarendon, scheduled to open our doors to new adventures in October 2019! Jumping Joeys is growing to include our very own STEAM Ahead Adventures museum. Jumping Joeys believes in not only exercising bodies but minds as well!

Please take a moment to visit our STEAM gallery of exhibits that will be showcased at STEAM Ahead Adventures. Our museum will enliven science and the math behind sports, simple machines and engineering, conservation and natural resources around our local area, and children's imaginations with our very own Maker Space and Art rooms. Along with a host of STEAM opportunities such as STEAM Clubs and Art Nights, our calendar will be filled with events such as Mommy’s Morning Out, Parent’s Night Out,  and more! 

We invite you to become a STEAM Champion for Jumping Joeys. Do you know a local business that would like information on Corporate Sponsorship and help us Share the Power of Play? Please have them contact We would love to talk with them.

Join our Founding Supporters Community

Jumping Joeys is asking for the support of our communities in our new STEAM Ahead Adventures project. To highlight this support we are creating 3 sculptures to be displayed throughout the museum emblazoned with the names of those who lent us a helping hand. If you or your family would like to take part in this amazing opportunity, please visit our Founding Supporters Community page.

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